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In 1996, the company, Krishna Colours and Constchem Pvt. Ltd. incepted. The company provides full variety of Construction Chemicals to its clients and customers. Krishna Colours is the company that produces the products used at the construction sites. It is the manufacturer and supplier of material for construction and it has wide variety of products in this regard. The various products manufactured and supplied by Krishna Colours are:


  • Compounds for Surface Curing and Treatment
  • Readymix adhesive and Mortar
  • Waterproofing Systems
  • Protective Coating
  • Engineering Grouts
  • Concrete Repairs
  • Industrial flooring
  • Sealants and Admixtures


All these products are manufactured with very high quality techniques and modern equipments. The Krishna Colours offer construction chemical solution and the customers are satisfied with the quality of the product. This is because the quality of service that Krishna Colours offer to its clients and customers is one of the best in the industry.


About Ready Mix Concrete

Readymix Concrete is a concrete type which is manufactured the batching plant or factory of Krishna Colours. Ready mixed concrete is also referred as RMC. It is precise mixture of materials and with the use of them the work confusion at the site. It is even referred as customized products of concrete used for the commercial purposes. The Krishna Colours produce and provide different types of concrete depending on the mix design of the user or the industrial standard. Krishna Colours is equipped with all the up-to-date and modern equipments like the Batching Plant for Concrete, concrete pump, and transit mixer. All these equipment require visualized management software for production and also the PLC controller.


Readymix Concrete refers to the concrete type specifically manufactured to be delivered to the construction site of the company in an unhardened or plastic state and freshly mixed. It is manufactured and produced under controlled operation. After this it is transported as well as placed at the site by the use of sophisticated methods and equipment.


About Admixture


The ingredients that are included in the admixture are fibers, hydraulic cement, aggregates, and water. All these ingredients are immediately added with concrete batch during or before mixing. The beneficial effects of admixtures offer to concrete are:

  • Enhanced Finish,
  • Improved workability,
  • Strength development control,
  • Enhanced Sulfate and Frost Resistance,
  • Setting time retardation or acceleration, and
  • Improved Quality


With the admixture from Krishna Colours you can get the enhanced finish and improved quality and workability. There are primarily two types of admixtures in the market one is mineral and the other one is chemical. Admixtures are widely used at the construction sites to improve workability of concrete. The Krishna Colours is the Construction Company that has captured the market and clients with its quality products. As the company focus on customer satisfaction the products developed by the company are completely tested. The Krishna Colours is a company that primarily aims at building good relation with the company so that the company can understand the requirement of the client. This relation building helps the company to understand the wants and needs of the customer.


High end products are manufactured with the use of modern equipments and techniques. Customers are provided with high quality products and service. Customer satisfaction is given the prime importance as the customers and clients are assets of the company.


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30th sep-3rd oct 2010
We participated in ZAK Innovative, Lightweight, Faster & Sustainable Building Construction Technology Expo 2010 held in Mumbai
10th-12th Jan 2011
Krishna Group’s technical team attend CONCRETE PANORAMA & DEMINAR 2011 (CPD 2011) held in Banglore(India)
18th Jan 2011
Krishna Colours and Constchem has acquired 2nd year Membership OF IGBC - Indian Green Building Council.
20th Jan 2011
We have acquired D&B(Dun and Bradstreet)ratings.

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