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To be the biggest construction chemical brand in India by 2024 and be amongst the top 5 in fortune 500 company by 2037.


By 25 years down the line

  • We would have created the history in rise of one Enterprise from individual to most trusted & fastest growing deiversified group of companies in the world.
  • Our employees & clients and our country will be proud to be associated with our company name.
  • We shall be having offices around the globe in 152 countries with its corporate head office in India KRISHNA HOUSE in Pune and be among top 5 fortune company in world.
  • People working with us will be highly energetic, creative, happy upgrading themselves and loyal to our company & society.
  • We shall be having a culture in entire group of companies to upgrade rise and be happy & create happiness in life of colleagues, employees, clients, society, no beaurocrecy, no politics.
  • Every five years we shall open one new diversified company & by end of it, it would be great success.
  • Even when we grow gigantic we shall be making quick and correct decision based on data, experience and 360 Degree view to every aspect of rising.
  • Our employees, clients shareholders will trust our company blindly.
  • We shall be helping million of less privileged in the world throughout Krishna foundation, making difference and creating happiness in lives of orphan children, widows, calamatic hit areas, cancer patients, having our own free hospitals cares at various location in different countries.
  • By 25 years we would have diversified in world’s top construction, hospitality, travels, garments, charitable trust, training & upgrading clients & society.

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News of our company

30th sep-3rd oct 2010
We participated in ZAK Innovative, Lightweight, Faster & Sustainable Building Construction Technology Expo 2010 held in Mumbai
10th-12th Jan 2011
Krishna Group’s technical team attend CONCRETE PANORAMA & DEMINAR 2011 (CPD 2011) held in Banglore(India)
18th Jan 2011
Krishna Colours and Constchem has acquired 2nd year Membership OF IGBC - Indian Green Building Council.
20th Jan 2011
We have acquired D&B(Dun and Bradstreet)ratings.

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